Case Studies

UK healthcare software solutions company
UK healthcare software solutions company320 staff locations London and dundee
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Recruitment was a mix of agency and their own in-house recruiter
Recruitment costs were very high and increasing
Hiring managers were using their agencies of choice with a variety of % fees
Time to hire was mixed
Protracted selection process resulted in losing candidates to other jobs
Attrition was increasing
Salaries were behind market average particularly in London
Experiencing increased competition for tech candidates across both locations

Establish and manage a new in-house recruitment function
Manage all recruitment across both locations
Reduce agency spend to zero
Salary benchmark across both locations
Run workshops to train and support managers involved in the recruitment process
Advise on local competition and future stress points
Engage with managers to move away from only trying to hire experienced candidates
Attend graduate fairs
Improve and protect employer brand through better candidate experience

80 permanent staff recruited
Savings against comparative agency cost = £319,706
Comparative cost reduction = 67%
Actual cost per hire = £1727
Percentage of salary per hire = 5.8%
European tech company
European tech company 35 staff and scaling up fast
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Recruiting using a mix of existing contacts, agencies, direct advertising through job-boards, job posts on LinkedIn and own careers page
Exhausted own contacts, agency fees increasing
Direct sourcing costs increasing
Directors and managers' time being absorbed by recruitment tasks
Looking to recruit an additional 20 people over a 6 - 12 month period
Needing to grow technical team and establish new commercial team

Manage all recruitment
Reduce agency and direct recruitment costs to zero
Reduce hiring time and pressure on managers
Streamline recruitment processes and make more effective
Run workshops to train and support hiring managers
Advise on and strategise cross company salaries in relation to market conditions
Promote employer brand

15 people recruited
Savings against comparative agency cost = £58,360
Comparative cost reduction = 59.3%
Actual cost per hire = £2666
Percentage of salary per hire = 7.3%
UK pharmacy solutions company
UK pharmacy solutions company170 staff locations manchester and swansea
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Had brought in their own internal recruiter with poor results and lower than expected savings
Had begun using agencies with escalating, unbudgeted costs
Trust and relationships between internal recruitment and managers had broken down
Time to hire had increased significantly
Competitive market with rapidly increasing salaries
Badly perceived employer brand due to poor recruitment processes

Design and manage a new internal recruitment function
Bring recruitment 100% in-house
Reduce agency spend to zero
Improve employer brand and candidate experience
Run workshops to support managers with all aspects of selection and hiring process
Build trust between managers and internal recruitment
Attend graduate fairs Advise on team structures, business growth plans, office moves and strategy
Run assessment days
Recruit brand new commercial team

88 permanent staff recruited
Savings against comparative agency cost = £392,823
Comparative cost reduction = 68%
Actual cost per hire @ £1988
Percentage of salary per hire = 5.31%
UK wide tech group
UK wide tech group650 staff 7 locations across UK
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Primarily used agencies before bringing recruitment in-house to reduce costs
Time to hire was very poor and getting worse
Attrition was increasing
Relationship between internal recruitment team and stakeholders was completely broken
Managers had begun to use agencies directly leading to unexpected spiralling costs
Employer brand was poor due to multi-agency competition and ineffective hiring processes
No recruitment strategy or long-term talent planning
Shrinking talent pools near most offices
Increasing competition in all locations

Design, implement and manage a new internal recruitment function for all locations
Recruitment on and off-site branded as own internal team
Bring all recruitment in-house
Reduce agency spend and external recruitments costs to zero
Rebuild trust with hiring managers
Deliver workshops on best selection practices, tests, assessment and candidate experience
Work with marketing on developing new careers pages for company website
Enhance and protect the employer brand
Deliver a great candidate experience
Reduce time to hire
Improve quality of hires
Change managers mind-sets on replacing roles like-for-like
Work with HR on benchmarking
Design recommendation rewards scheme
Produce cross group vacancy newsletters and quarterly recruitment newsletters

206 permanent staff and 17 contractors recruited
Savings against comparative agency cost = £ 1,022,769
Comparative cost reduction = 71.1%
Actual cost per hire @ £1861
Percentage of salary per hire = 5.58%
Global Software Company
Global Software Company135 staff Bristol
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Using agencies with mixed results and escalating, unbudgeted costs
Protracted selection processes resulting in losing candidates
Salaries were lower than market average
Competitive and fast growing location with demand far outstripping supply for a relatively small pool of experienced developers

Bring recruitment in-house
Fill 100% of roles
Reduce agency spend to zero
Manage all recruitment across the whole business
Salary benchmark all roles
Design and deliver best recruitment practices across the business
Run workshops for managers on selection processes and market conditions
Enhance and protect employer brand
Pipeline quality candidates for future roles

25 people recruited (18 permanent and 7 contractors)
Savings against comparative agency cost = £165,516
Comparative cost reduction = 79.6%
Actual cost per hire @ £1692
Percentage salary per hire = 5.34%