Our Process

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At Newton Blue, as your dedicated recruitment partner we provide you with an affordable solution to get the best talent on board. We work with companies that want an agile solution that gives them the competitive edge, saves money and builds the best teams to grow their business.

We don’t do forced relationships, clunky contracts or ineffective tie-ins. We agree budgeted costs up-front with no hidden surprises. Our scalable approach means we can keep your resources costs down, but still work with only a select number of clients at any one time.

All of our clients have different requirements, technologies and business needs and our solutions are individually tailored at timescales to suit you. However, our initial approach always follows similar steps.

Our Process

Our outsourcing recruitment process modules can be adapted and extracted for different cost models and stages of company growth. We can scale our processes up or down according to your specific requirements, providing truly adaptable and valued solutions.


As part of the assessment stage, we will:

  • make a full assessment of your current recruitment strategy, gaining insights into methods, stakeholder values, hiring managers’ capabilities and selection processes
  • analyse the types of roles you’re recruiting for, recurring and problematic roles, attrition and retention issues
  • benchmark and compare your salaries and current costs
  • algn recruitment needs with your business strategy and objectives for the next 12, 24 and 36 months


Following your assessment, we:

  • design the best structure, methods and approaches in line with your business recruitment goals and strategy
  • provide appropriate resources dependent on your business’ historical data and future goals
  • implement the best platforms and resources for talent attraction and engage and supply passive candidates
  • introduce the best way to manage your candidate data and be UK-GDPR compliant, building talent pools and future pipelines


With design and implementation complete, we can:

  • deliver cross-business workshops to all your hiring managers and those involved in your recruitment processes
  • train and coach your teams on writing job specs, interview techniques, candidate assessment, promoting the company brand to candidates, market information, timeframes and the need to streamline processes


Following training, we can:

  • implement employer brand promotion, beyond employees to the outside world
  • create partnerships with people that are experts in promoting workplaces and company culture, providing “behind the scenes” and “day in the life of” social media and promotion videos and employee interviews
  • align your recruitment with marketing to deliver integrated solutions, including career portals and internal referral schemes


With the above stages complete, we look to the future and:

  • tailor options to move forward in the most productive way
  • hand over efficient and fully integrated in-house management model or continue with cost-saving outsources recruitment
  • continue to work in partnership with you in a way that centres around your business.

Want to learn more about our outsourcing recruitment process?

Our team would be delighted to discuss anything in more detail with you and explore how it can be adapted to suit your unique business requirements. Chat to us today…