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The current recruitment climate is a tough one.

Right now, the UK is living in a highly candidate-driven market, where top talent is thin on the ground and competition between employers for those candidates is increasingly fierce. The tech industry especially is seeing less and less qualified candidates, and higher rates of turnover than ever before.

Pair this with the knowledge that managing your own recruitment or hiring a recruitment agency can be both time consuming and costly (and, in the worst-case scenario, unsuccessful), hiring and maintaining your ideal candidates may seem like a pipe dream.

This is where outsourced recruitment comes in.

In short, outsourced recruitment is the process of allocating your company’s recruitment processes to a specialist partner.

In the short (and more importantly long) term, however, it means instantly taking away the headache of recruitment from your team and giving them back the essential time and funds that they need to succeed in their role, whilst outstanding talent is simultaneously sourced to further grow your business.

… and why should you make Newton Blue your outsourced recruitment partner?

There’s little we don’t know about successful recruitment here at Newton Blue. In fact, we have 50 years of combined experience under our belts as outsourced recruiters, and a proud portfolio of ongoing work and relationships with other increasingly successful businesses.

When you team up with us, we’ll:

1. Take as much control of the process for you as you desire

Using our unparalleled experience as outsourced recruiters, we’ll take your current recruitment methods and transform them into a structured approach that aligns with your specific business goals – and will even train your current staff in the process, should you wish.

2. Attract highly-coveted talent in your industry

Combining our inside-out knowledge of your business with our intelligence on what makes your ideal candidate tick, we’ll ensure you attract nothing less than top talent towards your business – starting with advice on job titles, salary expectations and more…

3. Bolster and protect your employer brand for the future

Employer branding is more important than ever before, and with outsourced recruitment, you can be sure that yours will stay favourable, inspiring and attractive to your perfect calibre of candidate.

4. Secure your business significant cost savings

We have saved our current clients as much as £392,823 on their recruitment (against comparative agency costs) and can easily achieve the same for yours.

… and much more.

Think outsourced recruitment is for you?

Start saving time, costs and resources and accelerate the success of your business by teaming up with Newton Blue today!