Discover unparalleled RPO recruitment 

Recruit high-quality talent whilst saving time and money to feed back into your business.

When it comes to recruitment, you have several options before you.

You can choose to work with an external recruitment agency, manage all your recruitment in-house, or deploy a mix of both.

Using an external recruitment agency can cost on average 17-20% of your new recruits’ salary, whilst managing recruitment in house can be time-consuming, ineffective, and at worst, have a negative impact on your employer brand – something that today’s businesses simply cannot afford in an increasingly candidate-led climate.

However, there is another option available: RPO recruitment.

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is a service that supports all or part of your company’s recruitment process. A dedicated team of recruitment professionals will work as an extension of your team to take away all your recruitment headaches.

In short, they’ll align themselves to your business strategy to manage the entire process for you, using tried-and-tested methods, the latest technology and proven resources to save you time and costs, whilst sourcing, assessing and engaging only the very best candidates for your business.

… and why choose Newton Blue as your RPO recruitment partner?

At Newton Blue, our RPO recruitment leadership team boasts 50 years of combined recruitment experience within a plethora of different sectors, including the technology and pharma industries.

As such, the businesses that have chosen Newton Blue as an extension of their own teams are currently enjoying:

1. Significant costs savings

Partnering with Newton Blue is 75% cheaper than working with an external recruitment agency, and 20—30% cheaper than managing recruitment within your current teams, instantly giving you back the financial stability needed to focus on other crucial areas of your business.

2. Additional time to focus on their business

Say goodbye to hours of sifting through mounds of CVs and spending out-of-office time arranging interviews, and hello to more time enabling your business grow and thrive. Where your current staff are using up precious work time on recruitment, leave or go on holiday, we’ll be there to fill the gap.

3. A process aligned to their business strategy

In our eyes, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recruitment. Instead, we’ll take dive deep into your business’s unique strategy for the next 12/18/24+ months to ensure that every aspect of your recruitment is aligned to your goals, resulting in your ultimate success.

4. Vastly reduced attrition rates

We’ll not only source the highest-quality talent to work in your company, but embed ourselves deeply into your workplace culture, politics and more (either remotely or from a physical desk in your office) to ensure that all your current recruits are happy and thriving within their role.

5. Diverse and talented new employees

With a vast array of in-demand talent on our books and the connections and skills at hand to find more, you can only expect to hire the best-qualified individuals for your business through Newton Blue.

Think you might benefit from RPO recruitment?

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end recruitment solution or a revamp of your current recruitment processes, Newton Blue has the team, experience and drive to see your hiring and business goals become a reality.

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