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5 signs your recruitment process needs remodelling

In this blog, we explore the five main signs that your recruitment process may need remodelling, and how recruitment process outsourcing solutions, such as the ones offered by Newton Blue, can help.

After so many years of building a business, it is understandable that many will have formed an established recruitment process that has undergone very little change, if any.

Unfortunately, after managing recruitment in-house in this way for so long, it can sometimes be difficult to see where there are cracks in the system. Sadly, these cracks can have repercussions for your business, both in the short and the long term – from hiring the wrong candidate to lost revenue.

Our recruitment experts here at Newton Blue have therefore collated their knowledge in this area and shared the following list of signs that it may be time to give your recruitment process an overhaul…

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You probably need to remodel your recruitment process if:

1. It’s costing your business more money than it’s making

t’s no secret that recruitment is a costly process. On top of your new recruits’ salary, you could find yourself paying as much as £3,000 or more to hire them in the first instance.

This is all well and good if your business is bringing in a substantial profit, or your new hire is a success first time around; however, if you notice that recruitment is proving a significant drain on your budget, it’s time to consider an alternative.

2. It’s taking far too long to complete

The time it takes to fill a vacancy ultimately depends on the sector you work in. In the tech sector, the recruitment process takes 65 days on average, from the day you advertise the role to the successful candidate’s start date.

However, the longer it takes to successfully fill a vacancy, (going back to point one), the more it’ll cost.

This includes (and is not limited to) the additional time you’ll need to advertise the role on external sites for all the way to the costs incurred from your team members needing to spend extra time on the recruitment process instead of their usual daily tasks.

Therefore, if hiring a new member of your team is taking more than the average time stated for your specific sector, you’ll need to reconsider your approach to hiring.

3. You’re attracting the wrong candidates

Attracting the right calibre of candidate to your business is easier said than done, and to save your business time and costs, you need to have the right tools in place to find the perfect candidate(s) from the word “go”.

Therefore, if you find that the CVs and applications you receive are not to the high standard or specification you expect, or the candidates you interview are not as desirable in person as they appear on paper, you’ll need to think all the way back to how you advertised the role in the first place, or your criteria for the ideal candidate.

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4. Candidates complain of a poor recruitment experience

The candidate experience during your recruitment process is a lot more important for your business success than it may initially appear on the surface.

A positive candidate experience has not only been found to boost a business’ reputation, but also increase the likelihood of candidates accepting a role if it is offered to them, or unsuccessful candidates reapplying again in the future when they’ve gained more experience.

This is especially important in the tech industry, where there are more roles available than candidates with the right experience.

Conversely, a negative candidate experience (which you may discover via numerous means, such as a negative Google or Trustpilot review, or a direct complaint) can have the opposite effect and, consequently, a detrimental impact on your brand/business reputation.

In fact, 84% of UK job applicants in one study said that they will judge a company based on their recruitment processes.

Therefore, if you discover that candidates have not had a good experience during your recruitment process, you’ll need to consider revamping it.

5. Overall business performance is lower than expected

Unfortunately, a business is only as good as its people, and if your recruitment process is not where you need it to be, it is likely that you may have hired unsuitable candidates somewhere along the way. This can therefore result in low performance across the business.

You may also find that staff turnover is high, either because the candidate you hired is not right for the role and decides to/is asked to leave, or because other team members are struggling with their own work as a consequence of other employees’ performance.

If you notice any of the above signs…

…it’s time to start looking at different options to remodel your recruitment process to ensure you not only hire the best people, but also enable you to grow your business and protect its reputation.

One such alternative is recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Here at Newton Blue, this process includes an in-depth assessment of your current hiring process, the design of a whole new recruitment strategy, training in this strategy for all the relevant parties working in your business, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about our recruitment process outsourcing solutions here at Newton Blue, get in touch with us today.

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