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How can outsourcing your recruitment protect your employer brand reputation?

It probably goes without saying, but brand reputation matters now more than ever.

With more avenues in which to provide brand feedback than in previous years (from social media to online reviews and news articles and more), and in light of how the coronavirus pandemic has sharpened people’s attitudes around brand behaviour, ensuring that your brand maintains its good reputation is essential to keep you in business.

What’s more, this isn’t just through the eyes of your customers looking to you as a product or service provider, but also the overall sector you work in, and those who work for you (or who are thinking of working for you), looking to you as an employer.

If you read our last blog on the signs that you need to remodel your recruitment process, you’ll know that recruitment can directly impact your brand’s reputation.

So, with that in mind, our recruitment experts have explored how outsourcing your recruitment specifically can help to protect your brand reputation!

Recruiters holding a job interview with an applicant in the office, representing how outsourcing to recruitment consultants can protect brand reputation

Outsourcing to recruitment consultants can protect your brand reputation, as they will:

1. Enhance your employer branding

“Employer branding” is essentially how your business is perceived from an employment point of view, i.e., whether you are a good or bad employer, rather than whether you’re simply a good business.

Having positive employer branding is important for a number of reasons; attracting and retaining the right talent for your business, reducing hiring costs and reducing staff turnover, to name a few.

An outsourced recruitment consultant will have all the know-how to promote your brand in a truly enticing way to candidates, from enhancing your job adverts to adopting your brand tone and voice when speaking to them directly and more.

2. Find the best candidates

As mentioned in our “signs that you need to remodel your recruitment process” blog, hiring the wrong candidates can not only lead to high staff turnover, but poor performance across the business – which, in turn, with affect your brand’s reputation, both as a business and as an employer.

Conversely, outsourcing to the right recruitment consultants means that you’ll be teamed up with a partner that gets to know your business and brand inside-out.

They’ll also ensure that they find a candidate who not only ticks every box of the job spec, but can offer the potential needed to help your business and brand reputation grow, and has right personality to embrace and reflect your brand values and ethos.

3. Improve the candidate experience

Part of positive employer branding comes from candidates having a good recruitment experience.

This generally comes down to an accumulation of several different factors; from the level and quality of communications they receive from you during the application process and the ease of applying for the role, all the way to how comfortable they were made to feel during the interview and whether or not they receive feedback afterwards.

Unfortunately, when businesses are especially busy, they may be unable to give the time required to hit all these requirements, which can leave candidates wanting or feeling disgruntled – and if they share this negative experience, it can negatively impact your brand.

Outsourcing to recruitment consultants can negate this impact however, as they’ll be able to take the pressure off your team by being your candidates’ main point of contact, and by training your staff to be able to provide the best possible interview experience.

As a result, this will also…

A recruitment consultant holding out their hand full of glowing stickmen figures, representing  how outsourcing to recruitment consultants can protect brand reputation

4. Give you the time back to focus on your business

It’s no secret that recruitment can be an especially time-consuming process; particularly if you work in the tech sector, where the criterion for roles is complex, and the demand for candidates is higher than the number of qualified candidates actually available.

This often means that businesses lose essential time (and great amounts of it) that they could be spending on bolstering their brand and fostering new business opportunities on trying to find the right hire.

By outsourcing to recruitment consultants, however, your business can maintain focus on building business, and subsequently bolstering brand reputation.

5. Remain on hand in case of any issues following a hire

It’s an unfortunate reality that businesses can experience problems with a new hire. Unfortunately, if not managed in an appropriate and timely fashion, this can have devastating consequences, such as reduced productivity and low staff morale – both of which can then adversely affect your brand reputation.

This is where outsourced recruitment can be particularly helpful!

In the very rare incidence that something goes wrong with a new hire, they’ll be on hand to discuss any problems with the candidate to see if there’s anything that can be done to improve/diffuse the situation before it escalates, or find a suitable replacement with as little fuss as possible.


Of course, none of the above can be achieved unless you team up with the right outsourced recruitment agency in the first instance.

Thankfully, our consultants here at Newton Blue have experience in all the above and more, and have not only helped to protect the brand reputation of our clients as a result, but enhance it to the max.

If you’re considering outsourcing to recruitment consultants and would like to have a chat about this in more detail, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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